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Background: VIA offers the course "World goals in teaching", where the intention is to inspire teachers to think the concepts into their respective disciplines and professions, as well as to develop new teaching courses that can both contribute to students' education and to solve societal challenges.
Purpose: The follow-up research project aims to investigate how sustainability is introduced and worked on in the course. At the same time, the learning designs used in the competence course are examined, with a view to a further development of the course and to get inspiration to develop e-learning about sustainability for higher education.
Method: Document analysis, observation and interview.
On the basis of the follow-up research project, a Learning Design Workshop will be held in relation to "World Goals in Teaching" for course coordinators.
Effective start/end date18/08/2117/08/22


  • learning, educational science and teaching
  • Sustainability
  • world goals
  • learning design
  • blended learning
  • professional didactics


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