Race-haunted stock stories in welfare work with refugees: Exploring relations of Danish post-colonialism

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The book’s purpose is to explore contemporary relations of Danish post-colonialism in welfare work addressing newly arrived refugees. Accordingly, our objective is to dismantle the global myth of the Danish egalitarian, all-inclusive, and benevolent universalistic welfare state. By composing three stock stories identified in welfare work with refugees, the book exhibits how welfare workers describe and value their work with refugees in ways that justify their dominant position and, thus, (re)inscribe basic social forms and relations of super- and subordination, which appear to be haunted by race and racism. The book’s analyses thus serve as the basis for identifying the form of racial thinking and practices that occurs in Denmark.
Short titleRace-haunted stock stories in welfare work with refugees
Effective start/end date01/01/2031/12/21


  • social work and social conditions
  • racism
  • welfare
  • storytelling
  • refugees
  • Denmark
  • critical race theory