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Abstract i forbindelse med konferencen "ECRPL 2021",
European Conference on Reflective Practice-based Learning, arrangeret af UC Nord 1.-3. november: Students in internship face a labour market with increasing production requirements and unpredictability. Furthermore students from The Danish School of Media and Journalism, DMJX encounter different professional practices – from public service, to commercial or political organizations. Their employer expect them to be part of the working force, but can we help them take ownership and make workplace remain a place to learn ?

Our paper is based on Gert Biesta´s theory (2011) that good education has three purposes: Qualification, socialisation and subjectification. The latter meaning – becoming more autonomous and independant in thinking and decision-making. Thus creating awareness of: When does it matter, that I am I?

The purpose of this paper is therefore to ask: Can we promote subjectification by means of RPL in internship?
Effective start/end date15/01/2131/12/21


  • learning, educational science and teaching