Functional PE pipes with beneficial biofilms degrading material monomers in the drinking water distribution system

Project Details


The project will limit the occurrence of material monomers in the drinking water distribution system so consumers are not exposed to them. This must be done through 1) development and testing of innovative and functional PE pipe products, 2) development of a Best Practice protocol for optimized commissioning of PE pipes, 3) generation of new knowledge about biofilms' beneficial ability to degrade material monomers and other organic micro-contaminants such as pesticides, and 4) dissemination of new knowledge about this widely in the water industry.

Layman's description

Studies of beneficial biofilms in the drinking water system.
Effective start/end date01/05/2131/12/24

Collaborative partners

  • TREFOR Vand (lead)
  • Aarhus Vand A/S
  • Teknologisk Institut
  • Nordisk Wavin A/S


  • construction, environment and energy
  • biofilm
  • drinking water
  • water safefty
  • microorganisms


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