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FECUN (Futures of Education, Culture and Nature –Learning to Become) is an international research project, which takes its inspiration from two ambitious global UNESCO initiatives. The two initiatives are: -Education for Sustainable Development: Towards achieving the SDGs' (ESD for 2030), (webpage: )-Futures of Education – Learning to Become, which focuses on visions for the future(s) of education post-2050 (webpage: )
FECUN consists of a 'nomadic' series of recurring conferences and an international journal. Futures-21 is the conference series's inaugural conference, which will have conferences at various places on the planet (alternating between the Global North and the Global South). The inaugural issue of the journal will be published in winter 2021. 
FECUN intends to contribute to the continued global dialogue on the futures of education, culture, and nature, which UNESCO's two global initiatives imply.FECUN is a part of VIABLE, a research & development platform at Via University College, Denmark.
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