Geological and hydrogeological characterization of contaminated sites

Project Details


In this project researchers from the research group will determine how much high resolution geological and hydrogeological models, and the associated models for transporting substance, can improve the basis for partly risk assessment from the soil and ground water contamination and increase the likelihood of a given purification is made on the best possible basis. The project test will be carried out at Gasværksgrunden in Horsens. This test site has been identified as one of five national test sites for the investigation of the soil.
Effective start/end date01/11/1531/12/17

Collaborative partners

  • VIA (lead)
  • Region Midtjylland (Project partner)
  • Attractor, Rambøl (Project partner)


  • Miljøstyrelsens Teknologiudviklingsprogram
  • VIA University College


  • geotechnics


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