In the Eyes of the Beholder: Consumer Responses Toward New Online Touchpoints

Project Details


In the digital age, new social media platforms, formats and channels are rapidly emerging as promising online customer touchpoints for digital commerce. However, due to the speed and scope of the many new possibilities, lifestyle companies often lose track of and insight into what works and what does not work for their customers.

The objective of this project is to use biometric research methods to investigate consumer perception and response toward new online touchpoints and sales channels (such as TikTok, Snapchat, webshop elements and designs, etc.).

Drawing on participating case companies, we set out to document the industry practices and envision the emerging next and best practices of digital commerce in the design and lifestyle industries.

The project is carried out within the Lifestyle and Design Cluster, and Innovation Network under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. It is part of the Digital Commerce and Customers project, in which VIA Design and Business, Copenhagen Business School, and Aarhus University collaborate to understand the increasingly digital lifestyle and design industries.
Effective start/end date03/01/2231/12/22

Collaborative partners

  • Lifestyle & Design Cluster
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Aarhus University
  • (lead)