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Many young teachers find the transition from studies into the teacher profession very difficult and a large part of young teachers leave the teacher profession only after a few years of active career. Thus, statistics from UK show, that about half have left the teacher profession within 5 years. A Danish survey from 2011 shows that 11% of the newly graduated teachers, who have experience as teachers, do not expect to continue in the profession.

This situation is a fundamental challenge for the ET 2020 goals, the EU 2020 goals, and the European societies in general, as it leads to a loss of qualified teachers, and a worst-case scenario of this situation is that Europe in a few years will experience a lack of qualified teachers to provide the needed foundation for the development of the European societies.

Young teachers leaving the profession, and thus not using their education, is, first of all, a waste of educational resources, and secondly, the situation risks having a major negative impact on the learning environment of the future generations that are supposed to keep Europe at the forefront of the development.

The teaching of the next generations is of vital importance, if Europe wants to meet the 5 targets of the EU 2020 Strategy of a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. In order to provide the children of the future with the best means to conquer the world and make Europe a more innovative and creative place to live, we need strong, viable and innovative schools and educational environments, which can provide the children and young people of the future with the necessary education to create the innovative, smart and inclusive society, that is set forth in the EU 2020 Strategy. A vital and necessary precondition for the establishment of such strong, viable and innovative educational environments is the presence of highly qualified teachers.

In the RETAIN project the creation and development of an inclusive and creative the school environment is seen both as an important precondition for establishing the best possible learning environment for the pupils, ensuring that the children and young people obtain the relevant key competences that are needed for them to act in today’s society, and as an important precondition for establishing a working environment, that will be attractive and developing for young teachers.

The RETAIN project wants to take a holistic – relational – focus on how to develop an inclusive and creative working environment within schools, which is motivating for both teachers and pupils, and which inspires to collaboration between teacher generations, between the school and the outside world, between pupils and teachers, and between teachers and parents.
The objective of the RETAIN project is, through action research, to develop, test and propose a tool box, containing tools, methods, recommendations and supportive training material that can assist school managers as well as teachers – young or experienced – to create an inclusive and creative working environment together.
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