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Digital technology changes the way we think and act in our welfare professions. In the health sector as well as in the education system. We need to train our students in digital imagination and technological entrepreneurship. Health- and teacher-students do not learn digital competences as a part of their curriculum. Digital technologies often appear in their practice as top down tools they use in an instructive way.

• How can we enable our students to interact critical, creative and constructive with technologies in their profession?
• How can we increase their digital imagination, so that they can become creators of innovative digital technologies in their profession?

Layman's description

Når teknologiforståelse og entreprenørskab mødes krydsbefrugter de hinanden. Vores studerendes digitale forestillingskraft og -foretagsomhed styrkes. Det forbereder dem på at blive dem, der skaber nye digitale løsninger til muligheder og udfordringer, de møder i praksis. I samarbejde med Fonden for Entreprenørskab kører VIAStudentervæksthuse projekt InnoTek, hvor de to fagligheder komplimenterer hinanden i en workshoprække omkring XR-teknologi på pædagoguddannelsen, sygeplejeuddannelsen og læreruddannelsen

Key findings

Background and aim
We have interviewed some of the start-ups related to the welfare professions, who have invented solutions using digital technologies. We found that their interactions with digital technologies opens new ways of thinking. A medical laboratory technologist said: “The more I found that this AI-technology could do, the wilder ideas I dared to come up with. It was like Sci Fi. The technology extended my imagination”. Students who worked with home care for people with anxiety described how they came up with an idea about using VR to cure anxiety: “We met the technology in our school and we just played around building stupid things until we found the idea to use in our job. It was to our luck that we knew nothing about how difficult it was to build - otherwise we would have given up before we came to the founding”.
With findings like these we created and tested a workshop in health- and teacher education. It combines playful development of XR-technology with activities that are crossing borders to what students think is possible. All learning activities are based on the edu programme; CoSpaces, where students can create VR and AR by blockly programming.
Short titleInnoTek
Effective start/end date01/08/2230/06/23

Collaborative partners

  • VIA Studentervæksthuse (Project partner) (lead)
  • Fonden for Entreprenørskab (Project partner)


  • digital media
  • contracting courses
  • creativity