Infiltration of surface water through permeable coating  

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The majority of drainage infrastructure in Denmark consists of joint sewage. This solution has shown that it is not geared to the current amount of drainage volumes; where large, densely populated towns and cities are especially challenged. SUDS are increaslingly applied, however, can be difficult to apply in dense urban envoriments. Another challenging problem with SUDS solutions, including permeable surfacing, is how potential contamination is managed and how to ensure that the system is operational now and in the future. In an attemt to solve these challenges this action will carry out a number of trials on permeable coating called the climate road.
This project will include:
- establishment of a climate road (a test installation)
- investigation of seepage potential in different types of permeable coating
- investigation of clean-up potential of pollution components
- clarification of options for incorporating green solutions in form of geothermal heating/cooling in the climate road.
Effective start/end date01/03/1701/03/23

Collaborative partners

  • VIA (lead)
  • Hedensted Kommune (Project partner)


  • construction, environment and energy
  • permeable coating
  • climate road
  • SUDS
  • contamination
  • rainwater


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