Material and competence development for early prevention of radicalization and social control in day care, leisure activities, primary school and youth education

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Professionals must apply new methods and rethink their own roles in the prevention of radicalization and social control. This project is a collaborative effort between VIA, UCC; Danish Refugee Council and Als Research aimed at developing new materials, pedagogical courses and dialogue tools to be used in efforts to build and strengthen daycare, schools, leisure activities and youth education. The project is financed by the Ministry of Education.
Short titlePrevention of radicalization and social control
Effective start/end date20/12/1731/08/20

Collaborative partners

  • University College Capital (Project partner)
  • Als Research (Project partner)
  • Dansk Flygtningehjælp (Project partner)
  • VIA University College (Project partner) (lead)


  • learning, educational science and teaching
  • democracy
  • critical thinking
  • controversial topics
  • parent-teacher collaboration
  • afterschool institutions
  • dialogue
  • preschools
  • democracy
  • citizenship
  • children
  • democracy
  • child perspective
  • controversial subjects
  • parental collaboration
  • public school
  • high school level education


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