Project Details


MASCOT’s primary objective is to develop significant research-based knowledge about the teaching, learning and assessment processes of computational thinking in TE and schools. This includes developing systematic knowledge about research and policy on computational thinking, as well as knowledge about educational practices and assessment as implemented through different approaches in Nordic teacher educations and schools. The project’s secondary objective is to use the knowledge gained to develop new educational practices and means of assessment that take into account both subject-specific and generic CT skills. It is a goal to make sure that knowledge gained from research in schools and TE programmes mutually inform each other in order to improve professional educational practices and assessment in both arenas. In this way, MASCOT aims to address and rectify the current mismatch between curricular goals and teaching and assessment practices. MASCOT is a research project that directly intervenes in TE programmes as well as schools in three Nordic countries (Norway, Finland and Denmark), emphasizing collaboration between the project partners to gain insight from each other.

Layman's description

Mascot er et nordisk projekt, der undersøger og udvikler viden om læreprocesser og assessment i computationel tænkning i skole og læreruddannelse i fagene matematik, science og teknologiforståelse.

Key findings

Framework for CT in School and teacher education, Designs for learning and assessing CT in school and teacher education
Effective start/end date01/05/2101/10/24

Collaborative partners

  • Høgskolen i Innlandet
  • University of Helsinki
  • Oslo Metropolitan University (lead)