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The purpose of the project is through co-creation to reduce inequality in health by developing initiatives with citizens with dementia as the primary target group. A local co-creative process within the field of dementia can develop local networks and communities that enable active citizenship for people with dementia and their relatives. There is here a potential to give people with dementia and their relatives the opportunity to maintain or develop new forms of togetherness, activity and communities - and thus higher quality of life and well-being. The goal is to develop a generic model for holistic initiatives that enable a dignified everyday life and active citizenship in local communities for citizens with dementia and their relatives and at the same time create a knowledge base for novel social and health professional competencies. The results of the project will guide the establishment of local communities in other contexts, provide inspiration for new collaborations between the welfare sector and civil society as well as education and research environments at the University College UCL.

The research project ‘Citizenship and dementia - ’ is affiliated to UCL's four education areas: Applied Health Research, Applied Welfare Research, Health and Social Work and Applied Business Research, in collaboration with three Danish municipalities on Funen, citizens, politicians, local communities, user associations, business and industry. 'Citizenship and dementia' is linked to UCL's interprofessional research strategy "The good life", where the ambit
Short titleCitizenship and dementia
Effective start/end date09/12/2130/06/24


  • health, nutrition and quality of life
  • social work and social conditions
  • business community, trade and economy


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