Potentials for increased infiltration in new urban areas

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This project deals with sustainable Climate Change Adaptions through a holistic sustainable concept with a specific focus on increased infiltration in urban areas, in particular new urban development areas. Due to the lack of basic knowledge, it is difficulet for the municipalities to give firm advise to the developers on where and how to manage surface water by infiltration. For the purpose of mapping the infiltration potential in urban development areas, areas will be mapped with high-precision geophysics, which may show in detail the upper 5 to 10 meters of the ground surface. Relevant stakeholders will be involved in an integrated stakeholder process, where technical results will be transformed and disseminated through field trips, workshops and subsequent development of description of best practices and guidance for stakeholders on who to best make use on infiltration of surface water in future urban development projects. In the end the stakeholders will define coming complementary projects.

The project includes:
- mapping of the infiltration potential in urban development areas
- integrated stakeholder process
- definition of complementary projects
Effective start/end date01/03/1701/03/23

Collaborative partners

  • VIA (lead)
  • Horsens Kommune (Project partner)


  • construction, environment and energy


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