Renovation of Residential Multi-Storey Apartment Blocks within Passive House Concept and Design

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The project aim of the Erasmus Intensive Programe is to create awareness of the problems facing the European Union and the world with regards to the issues of sustainability, global warming and CO2 emissions within the architecture, engineering and the build environment fields. Subject areas covered in the beginning of the project are introduction to sustainability, carbon and ecological footprints.
With an awareness of these problems the IP project will lead to proposals for the renovation of European older residential apartment houses to passive house level. The implementation of European norms, guidelines and demands regarding the renovation of the EU’s older residential building stock will be made, with a view to drastically reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In the IP project emphasis will be made for proposals of affordable renovation solutions. The growing demands of energy saving needs and the relevance of the CO2 emission reduction for the production and transport of building materials will also be part of the project.
The IP project will involve 50 students and 15 lectures from 6 participating HEI from Denmark, Lithuania, Hungary, Portugal and Austria to work intensively for 15 days together in 12 international team-groups using a common language of English. Groups will be prepared for project based learning and multidisciplinary group work involving team building and social interfacing before taking on the main task of analyzing existing norms, standards, example and guidelines from EU and the participating countries.
The international student groups will analyse and use entrepreneurial skills regarding certain parts of IP project, regarding costs, management and implementation of the renovation proposals.
Leading companies in the field of passive house design and construction will be invited to take an active part in all aspect of the IP project.
Each student will be awarded with 3 ECTS credits for their participation in the project.
65 assignment books and 65 teaching notes design, architecture, construction, engineering students and construction management will be prepared.
An IP projects’ public website will give visibility and information. During the IP project participants will achieve wider integration of European culture and understanding.
Effective start/end date09/06/1131/07/12

Collaborative partners

  • VIA (lead)
  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Project partner)


  • Styrelsen for International Uddannelse: DKK62,615.00
  • Styrelsen for Universiteter og Internationalisering: DKK58,260.00


  • sustainable construction


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