Research collaboration 2020: Business management in the digital visual industry: the construction of a teaching proposal inside Animation Schools

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Sharing of knowledge about Danish cultural and educational policy in order to strengthen cultural relations between Brazil and Danmark.

Background / motivation
Between 2014-2018 I joined the large scale research project “What makes Danish TV Series Travel: Drama series as cultural export, transnational production and reception”, which involved academics from Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Turkey and the US, and investigate what, from a transnational production perspective, makes Danish TV series travel and how are Danish TV drama series interpreted and valued among audiences abroad (See more at

The research was funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research, led by the Departament of Media Studies/ School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University and resulted in the book “The Global Audiences of Danish Television Drama”, published by Nordicom/ Gotemburgh in 2020 (See at

Going further to this interesting academic and cultural approach with Danish culture, since 2019 I started to collaborate with the Danish Cultural Institute in Brazil in the search for the viability of the Ponte Nórdica Festival (Nordic Bridge) which is a film festival with high importance as a strategic tool to consolidate the presence of the Nordic countries in the biggest country of South America. A new step will be taken in 2020, when, from September 1th to December 18th 2020 I would like to be affiliated to The Animation Workshop/VIA University College, located in Viborg, Denmark, part of VIA University College’s School of Business, Technology and Creative Industries.

c. Project Research Areas: Animation; Audiovisual; Education; Management; Communication; Arts.

d. The project's anchoring at TAW (department, employee, area):
Center for Animation, Visualization and Digital Storytelling, Research & Development, Animated Learning Lab, Skills & Talent.

Key findings

Short-term goals (2020)
a. Education:
- Sharing the teaching experience of the Programs, courses and professional training of The Animation Workshop among the 32 universities with Brazilian cinema and audiovisual courses, within the scope of the «Ponte Nórdica nas Escolas» Project (Nordic Bridge at schools), with partners such as FORCINE (Brazilian Film and Audiovisual Schools Forum), among others. “Ponte Nórdica nas Escolas” is an educational programme of the Festival Ponte Nórdica (Nordic Bridge Film Festival) which aims to bring best practices of Danish cultural production, digital visual industry and educational policy to Brazilian film and audiovisual schools in order to strengthen cultural and educational relations between both countries.

- Development of a new course on Business management in the digital visual industry

- Sharing the TAW´S knowledge in the field of Animation Learning Lab (animation workshop for kids with special needs / primary and secundary schools) with Brazilian educational institutions on SEANIMA 2020 (Brazilian Seminar on Animation Studies), FORCINE and Nordic Bridge Film Festival/ Danish Cultural Institute.

- Sharing the TAW´s knowledge in the field of Science Visualization with Brazilian high level educational institutions on SEANIMA 2020 (Brazilian Seminar on Animation Studies), FORCINE and Nordic Bridge Film Festival/ Danish Cultural Institute.

b. Innovation and Business Development
Approximation of the Danish digital visual industry - especially through the companies established at Arsenalet, in Viborg ( with the Brazilian digital visual industry (through the companies we identified at the Mapping of Animation in Brazil - - and Mapping of XR in Brazil - - leding by Universidade Federal de São Carlos , with my supervision), in order to foster collaborations, synergy, and knowledge exchange between Danish and Brazilian traditional animators to advanced XR-companies

c. Culture
Bring the expertise and Programs of the Viborg Animation Festival, the biggest animation festival in Denmark, to Ponte Nordica Film Festival in Brazil.

Long-term goals (2020-2022)
a. Development of the Book Business management in the digital visual industry
Effective start/end date01/09/2031/12/20

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  • aesthetics, design and media
  • animation
  • business development
  • production
  • market research


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