Robust and flexible water treatment in sustainable filter design

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The project will pave the way for a more sustainable drinking water production through the development of closed filters and optimization of processes. The filter design will build on Re-design principles but will be developed with a new filter bottom, water sampling options, and media, differential pressure measurement for determining backwash, and easy removal of excess filter media. A Best Practice for backwashing will be developed to provide the best balance between maximum substance removal and water and energy savings. Additionally, the project will further document the robustness, flexibility, and sustainability of the new filter design compared to redesign and traditional design during operation with flow and water quality changes in The mobile waterworks
Short titleThe mobile waterworks
Effective start/end date01/12/2331/08/26

Collaborative partners

  • HF Jensen A/S (Joint applicant)
  • Vand og Teknik A/S (Joint applicant)
  • Skanderborg Forsyning (Joint applicant)
  • VIA University College (Joint applicant) (lead)


  • engineering science
  • drinking water treatment
  • water
  • groundwater
  • biofilter
  • sand filter
  • backwashing
  • water quality
  • biofilm


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