Sci-Vi productions for Ph.d. cup 2020

  • Søndergaard, Sia (Principle researcher)
  • Christensen, Thomas Richard Guldsten (Co-researcher)
  • Kranot, Michelle (Co-researcher)
  • Piaget, Philip (Co-researcher)
  • Planeta, Rikke Alma Krogshave (Co-researcher)
  • Malmgren, Henrik (Co-researcher)
  • Babelyte, Ruta (Co-researcher)
  • Miorelli, Cosimo (Co-researcher)
  • Sunde, Pernille Bødtker (Co-researcher)
  • Carstens, Alexander Byth (Co-researcher)
  • Grynnerup, Anna Garcia-Alix Haugen (Co-researcher)
  • Hyldegaard, Bente Højlund (Co-researcher)
  • Ghani, Jody (Co-researcher)
  • Rasmussen, Sophie Lund (Co-researcher)
  • Daugård, Ida Marie (Co-researcher)

Project Details


The Animation Workshop / VIA UC established a collaboration with DR on the development of sci-vi animation-productions for the current researchers in this year's Ph.d cup.
Ph.d. Cup, a dissemination competition developed in collaboration between Information, DR and the Lundbeck Foundation
Short titleSci-Vi for Ph.d cup 2020
Effective start/end date15/01/2030/09/20

Collaborative partners


  • Media, communication and languages
  • Sci Vi
  • science visualization
  • animation production


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