SKILLMAN Curriculum Development for the transport sector Special focus Aviation Industry

Project Details


Skillman project - Sector Skill Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing in the Transport Sector has provided an effective answer to the constantly and rapidly evolving scenario of new technologies affecting the advanced manufacturing in the transport sector by not only establishing innovative joint European curricula addressing current competencies and skills requirements, but also establishing a structured approach in detecting and sharing information on emerging new needs via the Observatory on Advanced Manufacturing for the Transport Sector.

The design of the innovative curricula has been carried on thanks to the collaboration and the synergies of key players in the field of Advanced Manufacturing in the Transport Sector: VET providers, enterprises, research centres and certification bodies.

Participation organisations:
(1) Centro Studi “Cultura Sviluppo” (IT) (2) Institute of Applied Physics “Nello Carrara”,National Research Council (IT) (3) Teknisk Erhvervsskole Center (DK) (4) Jaguar Land; Rover Ltd (UK) (5) FIAT Research Centre (IT) (6) Birmingham Metropolitan College (UK);(7) Excellence, Achievement & Learning Ltd (UK) (8) CEPAS (IT) (9) Scandinavian Airlines Systems (DK) (10) Metropol University (DK)

Names of parcitipans:

Daniele Bassan from CRF and FBA Company; Tiziana Chiappelli from
CSCS, Yasser Hannan from TEC, Jørgen T. Østergaard from Metropol and Renzo Salimbeni from CNR, Tiziana Chiappelli – CSCS (IT) Scientific coordination and General introduction
Jørgen T. Østergaard – Metropol University (DK) ”Teachers methodological guide”
Daniele Bassan - CRF and FBA Company “Industry and Production 4.0 Manager curriculum”

SKILLMAN Alliance acknowledges the following contributions
Giovanni Crisonà, Fabio Croci, Tiziana Chiappelli (1), Renzo Salimbeni (2), Vibeke Nørgaard and Yasser Hannan (3), Rita Davey, Rachael McCorriston, Andrew Warren and Darren Clement (4), Daniele Bassan (5), Paula Cresswell (6), David Morgan and Nicola Dolan (7),Giancarlo Colferai and Rosa Anna Favorito (8), Björn Borgelin (9), Jørgen T. Østergaard (10)

Key findings

Key results: 1. SKILLMAN Curriculum & Teachers methodological guide using Open Educational Resources 2. Curriculum development for the aviation industry - in advanced composit repair for skilled aircraft mechanics
Effective start/end date01/01/1631/10/18