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VIA Building, Energy & Environment will participate in a development project which is to develop system solutions in the field of energy in the Region of Southern Denmark.

Smart Energy to Market focuses on the Denmark has great potential for export system solutions, but that there are many challenges associated with developing system solutions. The project is to create growth and increased exports of energy technology companies by to develop system solutions in close dialog with its customers. Development of solutions will take its point of departure in the energy challenges energy-consuming enterprises, for example, in Green Tech Center Energilaug is facing.

One of the challenges is that the implementation of the new innovative and energy-efficient solutions to key account customers as production facilities, cold stores, retailers, office buildings, etc. , are very complex. A customer solution often involves a combination of several technologies/products to solve the challenge for the customer.

VIA Building, Energy & Environment with a focus on the technical side of the project's new innovative and energy-efficient system solutions and must, among other things, help with quality assurance of these according to the highest standard.
Effective start/end date01/09/1531/08/19

Collaborative partners

  • VIA (lead)
  • Green Tech Center (Project partner)
  • Convia ApS (Project partner)
  • CLEAN (Project partner)
  • Erhvervsakademi Lillebælt (Project partner)
  • TREFOR (Project partner)
  • University of Southern Denmark (Project partner)


  • energy Technology
  • management
  • machine technology


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