Smart Textiles in Future Hospitals PhD

  • Jørgensen, Poul-Erik (Co-researcher)
  • Mogensen, Jeppe Emil (Principle researcher)
  • Jensen, Hanne Troels Fusvad (Co-researcher)
  • Fisker, Anna Marie (Co-researcher)
  • Poulsen, Søren Bolvig (Co-researcher)

Project Details


The project is overall related to the construction of new Danish hospitals, where the design concept healing architecture is introduced in a national context, representing the vision of a promoted healing process of hospitalised patients supported by design related influence. In the complex planning and design phase of these new hospitals, architects, designers and decision-makers are requesting documented research related to the application of new architectural materials for designing supportive hospital environments.
Effective start/end date01/06/1230/09/15


  • intelligent textiles


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