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In recent years, a desire for further digitalization has been expressed via the allocation of 45 million kr by the government to the development of educational and competence development courses in 2018. These development courses must be thoroughly updated on the basis of the current digital learning environment of VIA students. This basis has not been established. Last year, a study about student digital learning environments at several social scientific/Humanistic educations at Aalborg and Aarhus Universities was published (Caviglia F, Dalsgaard C, Davidsen J, Ryberg T. Studerendes digitale læringsmiljøer: læringsplatform eller medieøkologi? Tidsskriftet Læring og Medier (LOM) [Internet]. 16. januar 2018 [henvist 8. august 2019];10(18). Available at: ) The study investigated groups of students and compared factors such as age, high school education, to VIA students. On the basis of highschool education and age these were comparable but on other areas such as practice/internships during education these would be markedly different. This investigation aims to discover the digital learning environment of VIA students by conducting a similar study with VIA students.

Research questions: What does the digital learning environment look like? Which purpose does application of digital tools have? Which roles do different tools play for the students?
Effective start/end date07/01/1928/02/20


  • e-learning


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