Augmentet Learning with Flipped Classroom in the Natural Science

  • Andersen, Thomas Dyreborg (Principle researcher)
  • Foss, Kristian Kildemoes (Principle researcher)
  • Levinsen, Henrik (Co-researcher)
  • Philipps, Morten (Co-researcher)
  • Sillasen, Martin Krabbe (Co-researcher)
  • Hansen, Mette Hesselholt Henne (Co-researcher)
  • Barasinski, Morten (Co-researcher)
  • Borchsenius, Mette (Co-researcher)
  • Sjølin Bauer, Flemming (Co-researcher)

Project Details


Science teachers and head of schools across four different municipalities are taught our specific model of Flipped Classroom - the FLIP-model.

The project is performed in cross cooperation between VIA and Metropol University Colleges.

The project includes 73 teachers and 16 heads of school from the 4 municipalities.
Effective start/end date01/01/1730/11/19


  • educational Technology
  • teacher education
  • public school
  • blended learning
  • natural science
  • education
  • didactics