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In the project, approx. 700 health nurses are given the opportunity to participate in a four day free course focused on intercultural competences. This is approx. 40% of the 1600 health nurses in the public sector. The tailored qualification building course at VIA will provide health nurses with insight into the culture, background and challenges of refugees.

Development of visitor packages (besøgspakker)
Throughout the project, 5 'visitor packages' will be developed which should benefit 2400 new refugee families with residential permits in denmark. These packages involve the offers for these families to be extended longer home visits than what is normal for their health nurses as well as full compensation for interpreters. It will be possible for health nurses to thoroughly explain to the families about relevant themes such as attachment, discipline, gender roles, healthy diet, language development, motor skills, daycare offers and schools in denmark. The extended nature of the health nurse visits will like the competence development of the health nurses be financed by the millions allocated to the project by the Nordea Fund.

Lack of language development is a challenge. "Health nurses strengthen integration" is inspired by municipality integrationprojects such as the FALS initiative in Hjørring, Skanderborg and Slagelse. The experiences from such projects are positive and document that early intervention can prevent many challenges that are associated with refugee families and hereby strengthen integration, health and thriving in ethnic minorities and especially their children. A specific challenge, is that many refugee families keep their children at home until kindergarten age, as their home countries often do not offer daycare. Health nurses can therefore play a central role as bridge builders to daycare, kindergartens and schools.

Measurement of effectiveness of these efforts
The project 'health nurses strengthen integration' will also be externally measured in order to document the extraordinary strengthening of the collaboration between public sector health nurses and refugee families and how this contributed ot the social economy in the long run and is therefore a good investment for the public sector. Effectiveness is measured on whether health nurses with intercultural knowledge and visitor packages for refugee families with children under 6 will have an effect on improved collaboration with daycare and schools, fewer hospital admissions, increased attachment to education and workforce and/or decreased need for contact with social authorities.
Effective start/end date01/02/1731/12/19

Collaborative partners

  • VIA (lead)
  • Foreningen for ledere af Sundhedsordninger for børn og unge i Danmark (FALS) (Project partner)
  • Metropol EVU (Project partner)


  • education, professions and jobs


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