Additional project to 'Makerspaces in Primary School'

  • Buus, Lillian (Principle researcher)
  • Hjorth, Mikkel (Co-researcher)
  • Pilgaard, Michal (Co-researcher)
  • Kjeldsen, Christian Christrup (Co-researcher)
  • Nørgård, Rikke Toft (Co-researcher)
  • Basballe, Ditte Amund (Co-researcher)
  • Juul, Caroline Philip (Co-researcher)
  • Kjeldsen, Christian Christrup (Principle researcher)
  • Madsen, Simon Ryberg (Principle researcher)

Project Details


The additional project to ’Makerspaces in Primary School’ aims at evaluating additional 6 municipalities who, with the support of the Villum Foundation, are in the proces of establishing makerspaces.

The evaluation project is a cooperation between VIA, DPU and Epinion with the support of the Villum Foundation. The Villum Foundation has also supportet the establishing of "Makerspaces as learning laboratories".

The additional project will coontribute to the cross sectional evaluation of the makerspace initiatives of the 17 municipalities. The evaluation is based on data from surveys, case studies, document analyses, interviews and mobile ethnography.

The evaluation design seeks 1) to uncover learning environments and learning rooms 2) to enlight learning processes and lerning activities as well as 3) to identify the didactical and pedagogical conciderations of the teacher. In addition the evaluation design should contribute to support the Villum Foundation in a potential adjustment as well as prioritation concerning the strategic effort on the area of children, young people and science.

Key findings

Evalueringsprojektet vil skitsere modeller for potentialer og udfordringer, som kan bruges til at skabe de bedste rammer for etableringen af makerspaces både organisatorisk, didaktisk pædagogisk og læringsmæssigt.
Effective start/end date03/01/2231/12/25

Collaborative partners

  • Epinion
  • Aarhus University
  • VIA (lead)


  • learning, educational science and teaching
  • makerspaces
  • learning
  • evaluasion
  • primary school


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  • Evaluation design- Makerspaces in primary school

    Buus, L. (Principle researcher), Hjorth, M. (Co-researcher), Pilgaard, M. (Co-researcher), Pechmann, P. (Co-researcher), Kjeldsen, C. C. (Co-researcher), Nørgård, R. T. (Co-researcher), Madsen, S. R. (Co-researcher), Overgaard Sørensen, J. (Co-researcher), Basballe, D. A. (Co-researcher) & Skaalum Bargaisen, T. (Co-researcher)


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