Development of digitally based and practice-oriented competence development courses for science teachers and scientific teams in primary schools

  • Madsen, Christina Dahl (Principle researcher)
  • Thisted, Søren Søndergaard (Principle researcher)
  • Petersen, Jørgen Haagen (Co-researcher)
  • Basse, Margit Holm (Co-researcher)
  • Kamstrup, Kirsten (Co-researcher)
  • Agerbo Maksten, Jette (Co-researcher)
  • Larsen, Jens Juulsgaard (Co-researcher)
  • Petersen, Morten Rask (Co-researcher)
  • Wahlgreen, Gert (Co-researcher)
  • Christiansen, Jørgen Løye (Co-researcher)
  • Dahl, Ulrich Pedersen (Co-researcher)
  • Stald, Line (Co-researcher)
  • Kirkeby, Anne Marie Dam (Co-researcher)
  • Andersen, Ole (Co-researcher)
  • Andersen, Beth Wehner (Co-researcher)
  • Damsgaard Skivild, Tina (Co-researcher)
  • Hansen, Dorit (Co-researcher)
  • Pagaard, Ditte Marie (Co-researcher)
  • Elmose, Steffen (Co-researcher)
  • Nielsen, Therese Malene (Co-researcher)
  • Schmidt, Jette Reuss (Co-researcher)
  • Thorsen Stamp, Jesper (Co-researcher)
  • Buus, Lillian (Co-researcher)
  • Valsted Lehnskov Grandt, Simon (Co-researcher)
  • Staadsen-Boesen, Mikkel (Co-researcher)
  • Pedersen, Sabine (Co-researcher)
  • Pechmann, Philipp (Co-researcher)
  • Hansen, Steen Juul (Co-researcher)
  • V. Thomsen, Anders (Co-researcher)
  • Rebsdorf, Simon Olling (Principle researcher)
  • Daugbjerg, Peer (Principle researcher)

Project Details


The Board of Education and Quality has asked vocational schools to describe how the UC-sector (University college) can contribute to natural science strategies and the goal to improve professionalism of science teachers in primary schools. The project contributes with developing a strategy for digitally based practice. The project will contribute to two goals: 1. more children and youth should become interested in natural sciences in primary schools and choose scientific classes in highschool and practice-oriented STEM-educations. 2 more children and youths should become competent in natural sciences and practice oriented STEM education.
Short titleStrong Scientific Learning Communities
Effective start/end date01/01/2028/02/23

Collaborative partners

  • University College Absalon
  • University College Copenhagen
  • UCL University College
  • University College of Nothern Denmark
  • University College South Denmark
  • VIA (lead)


  • digitalization
  • natural science
  • teachers
  • scientific courses


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