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The introduction of digital technologies brings about a transformation in the world of education. This change means a new look at students, teacher roles, study environment, and forms of learning in education and in practice; a look that incorporates the anthropogenic and sociocultural preconditions for learning in educational institutions.

In the research field Teaching, Learning and Digital Technologies, we develop knowledge of what characterizes teaching and learning in the encounter with digital technologies. Through research and development projects, we qualify a reflective professionalism about the use of digital technologies in teaching and practice situations.

Some of the research questions that arise are:

- How can one use digital technologies to create interaction and symmetrical communication in the teaching room as well as support dialogic teaching?
- How can the relationship between digital technologies, study activity, motivation and participation opportunities be developed?
- How do we develop digital didactic designs and digital teaching aid that promote convergent learning spaces, study intensity and student centered learning?
Effective start/end date01/02/2230/06/25


  • learning, educational science and teaching


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