Vækstaftale 3 (VIIRS - Viden ud i virksomhederne - styrket innovation)

  • Petersen, Lene Ekholm (Co-researcher)
  • Eriksen, Kathrine Krageskov (Co-researcher)
  • Ferdinand, Jacob Fink (Co-researcher)
  • Mørch, Sebastian Lunau (Co-researcher)
  • Torpegaard, Anders (Co-researcher)
  • Haurum, Steffen (Co-researcher)
  • Carstensen, Annika (Co-researcher)
  • Petersen, Anne Kristine (Co-researcher)
  • Echwald, Birgitte (Principle researcher)
  • Mikkelsen, Lene Beck (Principle researcher)


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Earth and Planetary Sciences

Arts and Humanities