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The Knowledge Center for Digital Technology Understanding is a collaboration between Danish Universities and Danish Vocational Colleges. The purpose is to create a unified Danish approach to understanding digital technology. The vision of the centre is that all children and young people in Denmark gain an understanding of digital technology, so that they can constructively and critically participate as democratic citizens in a digitized society. The effort will strengthen children and young people's understanding of the impact of digital technologies on themselves, communities, and basic societal values ​​such as intellectual freedom, equality and democracy.

The center will develop digital technology understanding in and with educational practice at primary and secondary schools, bring together professional environments across institutions and initiatives, and provide the necessary knowledge base for the further development of professionalism in the Danish education system. The centre's research and development activities are located in the primary school and in the upper secondary education programs STX, HHX and HTX. At the same time, the activities will be able to inspire other educational environments such as private schools, independent schools, mercantile and technical youth education, vocational education, and higher education.

The main objective is realized through three sub-objectives:
1. A common knowledge base is created through the systematic collection and analysis of existing knowledge and experiences from previous research and development projects in primary schools and upper secondary schools with digital technology understanding as a professional skill.

2. A joint cross-sector professional environment is established in Denmark through the systematic involvement of centrally located professional groups and networks.

3. Research and development projects are initiated in collaboration with primary and secondary schools. This creates solutions and knowledge that respond to specific needs in the further development and introduction of digital technology understanding in the Danish education system.

From VIA, representatives from both research centres, the teacher training program, and the Center for Teaching Resources have been assigned to the new centre. Ph.D. Lillian Buus - the research leader on the Learning and Digital Technologies program at the Research Center for Pedagogy and Education - is, together with docent Mikkel Hjorth and docent Rasmus Fink Lorentzen from the Teacher Education in Aarhus, at the forefront of VIA's participation in the Knowledge Center for Digital Technology Understanding.
Effective start/end date01/08/2301/07/28

Collaborative partners

  • University College of Nothern Denmark
  • Aarhus University (lead)
  • University of Copenhagen
  • University College South Denmark
  • UCL University College
  • University College Absalon
  • University College Copenhagen


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  • public school
  • high school level education


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