Anerkendelsens og respektens mellemværende i læreforhold: Om pædagogiske værdier i selvdannelsens epoke

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The primary aim of the thesis regards the interpretative conflict of critical theory, critical hermeneutics, Social Analytics and postmodern deconstruction, which will be analyzed, discussed and interpreted. Furthermore, the disputed socially philosophical concept of recognition as a pedagogically philosophical category for orientation of the relationship between pupil and teacher, the so-called learning relationship, will be constructed. Consequently, the thesis analyzes and interprets the learning relationship as a relation of mutual and reciprocal recognition.
On the occasion of Schmidt, who in On Respect challenges recognition, the thesis contrasts recognition with the pedagogically philosophical idea of “deference”. With works by Hegel, Honneth, Ziehe, Ricouere, Kemp, Baudrillard and Perniola the aim is to investigate and construct the concept of recognition on the conditions of the “Selbst-Bildung” epoch.
Original languageDanish
Number of pages110
Publication statusPublished - 23 Sept 2010


  • recognition
  • public school

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