Benchmarking the Collaboration Models: A research report about different collaboration models between RDIs, SMEs and OIs

Lisbeth Jensen, Stine Holm (Translator), Trine Mønsted Nielsen (Editor)

Research output: Book/Report/PhD thesisReportCommunication

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How different types of organizations collaborate in a meaningful way to create value for all parties is a well-known challenge.
In this case, the collaboration is about getting research and the newest knowledge from RDIs to manufacturing SMEs supporting their eco-innovation. The SMEs receive assistance from IOs, which are an important part of the process. When it comes to collaboration between these three different organizations, the topic could be anything. What is important is that the collaboration is relevant and beneficial for the SMEs - and similarly, that it contributes to the RDIs’ understanding of businesses and markets as well as the consultative role of the IOs.
This report sum-up the main conclusions from a research done on different collaboration models and a benchmark between them. This is in order to create the main external collaboration model for ECOLABNET.
The report is created around a series of illustrations. It is recommended that the reading is done with the explanatory text to the left and the illustration to the right.
Original languageDanish
PublisherVIA University College
Number of pages17
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2020

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