Differentiated Teaching – a programme for students and recent nursing graduates

Vibeke Lorentzen

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Anita Lyngsø, associate professor, RN, DipN, MscN ; Helen Højgaard, assistant professor, RN, MscN ; Eva Nielsen, assistant professor, RN, MPed; Anne Garcia, assistant professor, RN, MscN ; Linda Lindholm, student; Kirsten Bjerg, Head of School of Nursing, RN, MPed.; Vibeke Lorentzen, associate professor, RN, DipN, MscN, PhD.
Nursing degree programmes are currently facing demands for elements such as promoting the links between theory and clinical practice; reducing student drop-out rates; and stimulating and meeting the needs of students and recent nursing graduates in relation to teaching, development and research. With a view to meeting these demands, in a Danish context we have developed a model called Differentiated Teaching. Differentiated teaching is carried out in close collaboration between the teaching environment and the fields of clinical practice and research, and should be regarded as a way of providing students and recent nursing graduates with professional and personal opportunities for development.In this symposium we will present the background to the model, its inception in 2008, and its structure and content. We will also present the experiences gained since the model was first introduced and up until today.

1st presentation:The didactic context for the model and the overall plan.
2nd presentation: Clinical nursing in a new learning environment.
3rd presentation: The inclusion of students in teaching activities.
4th presentation: Developing nursing in The Miniature Hothouse - a forum for students and recent nursing graduates.
5th presentation:The inclusion of students in development and research projects.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date19 May 2013
Publication statusPublished - 19 May 2013


  • education, professions and jobs

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