Entrepreneurial Study Cases using animation as an emotional learning tool for film production and entrepreneurs.

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Animation is a communication media and artistic expression which can foster emotional intelligence and creativity within different fields, besides the film industry and the entrepreneurial world. Such a concept, animation as an emotional learning tool, is presented and developed within the international module Creative learning and Animation (Erasmus semester) at VIA University College in collaboration with The Animation Workshop.The semester takes place at VIA college during five months, twice a year, hosting students from all over the world, creating an international environment with social challenges for the students and teachers. VIA University College and the Animation Workshop count on several years of experience educating students as professionals and entrepreneurs for the film industry, the educational system and other fields where animation or film making may be applied to the curricula as a subject or part of one. Social skills and creativity are crucial for personal development and growth, in parallel with the technical aspects taught to work within the film industry.Towards the end of this particular semester, as part of the curricula, students face two challenges, a big opportunity to apply their knowledge about animation techniques until that moment, as wel as pedagogic approaches, working in teams and accomplishing a task given by a local company. A visual presentation is provided at the end of the challenge/job as a product to be used by the company/studio, under his policy and copy rights in previous agreement with the college's policy.The challenges may change year to year depending on the Companies contacted and a greements obtained. On this paper we present two study cases corresponding to thes emester Fall 2015:1. Food maker. A video promo for the website of a local Danish company.2.Refugee's stories. An animated movie is made based on young refugees' stories from a local high school. Both challenges required the use of animation and storytelling to visualize ideas and perspectives, by following guidelines provided bythe client. We work different target groups and goals, but over all, the creative process remains the main focus to obtain on one hand: a physical final product which addresses the company's objective; and onthe other hand, the personal outcome from the experiences of the participants of the project.
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PublisherCIAKL II
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Publication statusPublished - 2016


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