Et didaktisk design til styrkelse af digitale kompetencer hos de lærerstuderende på læreruddannelsen

Translated title of the contribution: A didactic design for reinforcing digital competencies of teacher training students

Research output: ThesisMasterResearch


The Danish elementary school is undergoing a rapid acceleration in digitization, and digital competencies are therefore quite central to a teacher's professional work. Therefore, digital competencies have a special focus in the legal basis of the teacher education in Denmark. However, in a survey from autumn 2016, 43% of newly educated teachers described their digital competencies as not being adequate for the full exercise of their profession. In this context, this paper examines how a didactic design can reinforce the digital competencies of teacher-training students on a Danish university of higher education. In this paper, we describe what constitutes a didactic design and how the concept of 'digital competencies' should be seen in an overall context of international definitions and the Danish qualifications framework for lifelong learning. As a general research approach, design based research is used in Reeves' four-phased research model (Amiel & Reeves, 2008). The future workshop and focus group interview are used to gather data from teacher-students, teacher educators and leaders at a Danish university college. Through several iterations we describe and discuss a proposal for a didactic design and conclude, that a didactic design based on a community of practice (Wenger, 2004) with different activities and with teacher educators, the elementary school, teacher students and expert roles as actors, has the potential to be implemented on the university college. In the perspectivation, we discuss the potential of the design in relation to an upscaling to other professions.
Translated title of the contributionA didactic design for reinforcing digital competencies of teacher training students
Original languageDanish
Publication statusPublished - 30 May 2017


  • teacher education
  • skill development
  • skills


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