Evaluation of the Relational Competence Project 2012-16

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The relational competence project was initiated by a broad group of stakeholders, referring to both research and to concrete experiences of a need for development in schools and teacher education. The evaluation of the project has been based on a retrospective survey with answers and reflections from all stakeholder-groups. This was supplemented with interviews and analysis of project documents. The evaluation is, overall, positive in relation to the participants perceived professional outcomes. The development as a professional teacher and as part of a professional community was highlighted, and the same was new insight into the importance of relations and the concrete tools and approaches tried with students in schools. Some of the challenges emphasised was about the so-called “inner exercises”. It seems that systematic enactments with these exercises was perceived as extremely beneficial for some participants, but as a challenge for others. This can be summed up saying that those specific approaches making the project strong, also might be what causes challenges for some participants. The character of being a co-creation project with cooperation across stakeholder-groups and institutions furthermore seems to have been crucial for project success. For the student teachers, in particular the sustained enactments and reflections over time through the four years of education have been important. The participation at the 4th and last year was voluntary – and some student teachers furthermore used the project aspects to frame their inquiries for the final bachelor-project. Those students have experienced the highest level of professional outcomes. Relational competence has in their bachelor-inquiries been used in a very wide range of pedagogical and subject matter contexts, emphasizing relational competence as a generic perspective, not only relevant in certain subjects. Looking forward the recommendation is to continue the work with relational competence as an explicit focus in teacher education, preferable in continuing cooperation also with schools and the other external stakeholders involved.
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