Falling into the Light-using music and poetry as complementary modes of understanding falls in old age.

Lotte Evron, Nina Clausen

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Falls in old age have major consequences both for the individual and for society; therefore falls prevention is a priority on the health political agenda. Unfortunately, merely half of the targeted population accepts participating in falls prevention services. Qualitative researchers suggest that a broader understanding of falls in old age in the health care system might help health professionals to understand the complexity of falls and by this inspire older persons to prevent falls in different ways. Using poetry and music in our performance we seek to open up for a broader understanding of falls prevention. Our hope is to inspire nurses and other health professionals to work with falls prevention in new ways.
The performance draw on an interview study with 25 older persons where six different understandings of falls prevention were identified (1). The understandings include falls as a result of: irresponsible behavior, disease, destiny, desire to remain independent in old age, appearing elegant/aesthetical and being physical active. One of the interviews was selected and transformed it into a poem (2-3). The poem was then translated into music by the second author. First we present the six understandings of falls in old age then we read the poem and finally a musical interpretation of the poem is performed by song and cello.
The music is written for soprano and cello and created with direct inspiration from the poem. The fall is reproduced in a series of descending tones coming back as a "chorus" after each of the three selected stanzas. The bass line of the cello descends too, but at a slower pace. In the stanzas we have aimed for a singable melody that ascends as a counter movement to the “falling” motion of the cello. The mood of the song is cold in its harmonies and describes some inner turmoil, created using rhythms and accents.
The music is performed by the duo Sopra il Cielo. The duo consists of Nina Clausen and Julie Tandrup Kock, both soloist graduates from Danish National Academy of Music, Odense, Denmark.

1. Evron, L. (2015). Faldtypologier som forståelse af faldforebyggelse i alderdommen. Nordisk Sygeplejeforskning. 1(5): 46-60. ISSN 1892-2678

2. Evron, L. (2014). At falde ind i lyset: om faldforebyggelse og selvudvikling. Klinisk Sygepleje, 28(1), 75–77.

3. Evron, L. (27th Nov. 2014). Falling Into the Light: About Fall Prevention and Self-development. Located 1st Feb. 2015 on http://profane.co
Original languageEnglish
Publication date14 Apr 2015
Publication statusPublished - 14 Apr 2015
EventFlorence Network Annual Meeting 2015: Thinking for Nursing & Midwifery. Professional development in a European context - professionshøjskolen Metropol og UCC, Copenhagen, Denmark
Duration: 13 Apr 201516 Apr 2015
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ConferenceFlorence Network Annual Meeting 2015
Locationprofessionshøjskolen Metropol og UCC
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