Fra sundhed som et fælles anliggende til sundhed som et individuelt selvrealiseringsprojekt. - En problematisering af sundhedsopdragelsesdiskursen.

    Research output: ThesisCandidatusResearch


    The point of departure for this dissertation is the appearance of an increasingly numbers of Health Education/-Promotion Programmes, all of them aiming to educate the modern citizen to autonomy and self management/-care in matters of personal health and well being. I am puzzled by the fact, that we are witnessing the emergence of these programmes without waving any critics towards them, but with no reservations accept them as being more democratic, effective and socially adequate than previous programmes. I argue for the necessity of taking a closer and more critical look at these programmes, and the presumptions surrounding them. Hence, the main objective of this dissertation is to examine the appearance and the role of these educational practices.
    Original languageDanish
    Publication statusPublished - 2003


    • health education
    • social exclusion

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