How is student motivation in preparation for class positively affected when digitally supported preparation materials are made available?

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The purpose of this study was to gain knowledge about the effects of textbook-based preparation versus digitally supported preparation. The intent was to see how student motivation in preparation for class was affected when digitally supported preparation materials were made available.

Eight students were selected using a non-probability sampling method based on a VARK-learning style test – Four international students representing the AP Marketing Management Program and four Danish students representing the BA International Sales and Marketing Management Program enabling a wide range of in-depth insights. Two different setups were used: 1) A digital version of a textbook (e-book), and 2) Animation videos, podcasts, info slides and a physical textbook as possible supplement.

The findings of this empirical study indicate that student motivation for preparation is positively affected with the availability of the digitally supported preparation materials made available in this study.

Data driven coding was applied to the initially transcribed and inductively reviewed in-depth interviews, and subsequently five key categories were identified: Increased accessibility, Different Layout/Composition, Connection with in-class activities, Variety of methods and Personal connection. These categories are discussed theoretically and visually illustrated in figure 4.

Findings indicate positively affected motivation across the extrinsic-intrinsic motivation continuum - with signs of improved intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as well as positively influenced drivers of internalization of motivation.
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 2019


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