Hvorfor forskning? Jeg læser jo til Pædagog! hvordan gøres brug af forskning meningsfuld for de pædagogstuderende?

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Studies, evaluations and meetings with students in the field of Social Education show challenges in relation to including research in the Social Education programme. This project examines how library practitioners disseminate the importance of students including research in their programme. Therefore, it poses the following question: Through the development of a new didactic design, how can library practitioners create a teaching proposal for the library's bachelor workshop that supports and motivates students’ use and understanding of 'research'?
To answer this question, I have made two questionnaire surveys and conducted two qualitative interviews with students from the Social Education Programme at VIA University College in Holstebro. In order to examine different understandings, statements, and views on research, I engaged with these sources through a discourse analysis. Central to my approach is Karl Weick's sensemaking and Deci & Ryan's theory of self-determination, which I take as my point of departure, both in my analyses of students' views on research and in my work with my product: my new didactic design. My research reveals that there is a great alienation among the students in relation to the concept of research, and at the same time shows that creating meaning and usability is essential. These insights are applied in my product which is the upcoming teaching presentation - in the form of multimodal teaching such as video and the use of student-activating technology.
In the new teaching presentation, it is my aim, among other things, to use video material to create meaning and a sense of mastery in the students in relation to research. The presentation has only been sporadically tested, but indicates that the students accept the presentation well. A workshop employed later in the education programme can probably not change significantly in the use of research but can with a closer and earlier collaboration with the educators have a great influence.
Original languageDanish
  • Andreasen, Lars Birch, Supervisor, External person
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2022


  • research
  • librarian
  • learning, educational science and teaching
  • information competency

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