Kommunikatørers professionsforståelse: ligheder med og forskelle fra journalisters professionelle selvforståelse

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The purpose of this master thesis is to examine how professionel communicators understand and construct their professionel identity, how this understanding appears in comparison with the one of journalists, and how blurring borders between communication and journalism in a modern media reality might affect this understanding.
The theoretical foundation is a selection of studies of professions in general made by researchers like Abbott, Staugård, Harrits et al., studies of the formation of a professional identity among communicators as well as among journalists.
Based on thise theoretical studies, the field theory of Pierre Bourdieu and interviews with four danish communicators working as professionels in the field of communication and public relations I have conducted a qualitative exploratory multiple casestudy.
My research shows that communicators as professionels share special values, act on the basis of higher education and also agree to a certain ethical responsability towards the public. Therefore they might regard themselves as professionels in a modern way and in line with journalists and fx teachers.
I also find, that communicators and journalists both have different opinion on and - at the same time - share certain values of how to act as a professionel. Nevertheless, the relationship between communicators and journalists is still characterized by love-hate, because journalists like to maintain their ideals of being independent watchdogs when researchers ask them, whereas they couldn’t do without communicators in everyday life.
Therefore I find, that communicators have a strong and powerful influence on journalism today which affect their feeling of being professionels in a positive way.
Although the results might seem rather realiable, this master thesis may have som methodically weaknesses as regards the small amount of interviews and the selection of informants.
Therefore the results of this master thesis should be read with caution as they call for further examination and research of how to understand and construct at professionel identity among communicators.
Original languageDanish
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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