Kunst i skolen - skolen i kunsten: En empirisk analyse af kunstprojekter i åben skole

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    This thesis, Art in the school – school in art? An empirical analysis of art projects in the open school, examines how art projects in the open school can be understood in both a didactic perspective and a social constructivist perspective, which gives focus to the opportunities of subjectification that the different actors have.

    The empirical material includes, firstly, four focus group interviews with teachers and external actors, in this case artists. The subject of discussion is their participation in art projects in the open school. Secondly, the empirical material includes observations from a full-day workshop in an art museum where art communicators and teachers were tasked with developing open school projects.
    In the didactic perspective and through concepts developed by Basil Bernstein (1975) it is examined how the art projects in the open school can be understood as recontextualised through the structural principles of pedagogical discourse: classification and framing. Furthermore, these structural principles are related to specific societal values in which individualism is at the core of education.

    Through the social constructivist perspective, inspired by Dorte Marie Søndergaard (1994), the focus is on how the professional actors’ opportunities of subjectification are created through the concept of professionalism. One of the conclusions is that the professional role of the teachers is destabilised in these art projects and their position is more like that of a ”mother” than of a
    professional teacher. Moreover, the opportunities of subjectification of students are analysed in the art projects. Here an ideal student is conceived as the natural, lustful, curious and brave child that develops through the art projects. These conclusions about the student are in the thesis related to reform pedagogical thinking, where a child’s abilities and development of these are in focus.

    All in all, the main conclusion is that art projects in the open school can be described as part of a societal individualisation focus where reform pedagogical thinking legitimizes content in the art projects and can be related to the concept of an ”natural and creative child”.
    Original languageDanish
    • Christensen, Gerd, Supervisor, External person
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2017

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