Pedagogical theory and practice: Building casestudies on pedagogue students’ own experiences

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    Pre-service students after first internship. 2nd semester/1st year. 6-week module of 10 ECTS points called ‘Pedagogical theory and practice’. 12x5 lessons.
    Over 12 days with 5 lessons we have more agendas in play. In 5 lessons we teach in 4 and aid the students in working with a case study in one lesson. The case study has three stages. Weeks 1 and 2: creating/writing a case, 3 and 4: analyzing, 5-6: evaluation and presentation.
    For many students this is their first experience of working in-service. As group work students produce/write a case based on their combined experiences from their internship and analyze and evaluate based on guidelines. Students are placed in groups according to the user group of the internship institutions. They must then fabricate a case based on their experiences. The result must be a mix or combination from all 4-5 students in the group. ‘It could have been me’.
    Weeks 3-4 he students must analyze the case. They discuss theory that could apply to their specific issues hence relating to their previous knowledge and the new knowledge presented in this module.
    In weeks 5-6 students must evaluate on both their own work: how did we do, why and by which standards, what did we learn by using these theories and what could have been different had we used other theories/angles – and on the pedagogical practice they describe in their case: how could the pedagogue act differently and why, what seems to be the reflective background for the professionals and by reflecting differently on the situation, what could the outcome be, then?

    In the 4 lessons we teach classical pedagogical themes; theory of recognition, power, family patterns etc. in a mix of more traditional presentations and student based or oriented teaching. Without powerpoint. Students must prepare questions, points or discussions based on the readings for the day. These products then are the base of the teaching that day.
    It concludes with students presenting their work for the rest of the class.
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    Publication date21 Apr 2017
    Publication statusPublished - 21 Apr 2017
    EventETEN 2017: European Teacher Education Network - University of Gothenburg​, Gothenburg, Sweden
    Duration: 21 Apr 201721 Apr 2017


    ConferenceETEN 2017
    LocationUniversity of Gothenburg​
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