Philosophy with children. A method for enhancing students’ critical thinking

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Teaching students to do philosophy with children. Tanggaard (2018) suggests that we should focus on ‘fading learning’ or forgetting that we learn instead of focusing on learning goals and competencies goals. Gruschka (2011) suggests that teaching understanding should be in the center of the school and education. Masschelein and Simons (2012) describes schooling as putting something on the table to be examined and Biesta (2015) offers a ‘world centered curriculum’ that is neither child centered nor subject centered.
In the Danish public school pedagogues/social educators have a role in teaching since the reform in 2014. The role is different than that of teachers. They have no subject and their role is very loosely defined. The political intention is to leave a more diverse school day for the pupils.
Philosophy for children is not about teaching philosophy or learning certain philosophical terms or theories. There is an emphasis on doing instead of learning. It is about questioning and examining important issues.
The training programme for pedagogue is also competencies based and has little to no focus on philosophizing. In a new project I try to integrate some techniques (Worley 2012, 2019, Birch 2014, Groth/Kallesøe 2016) into my teaching.
At the workshop I will do a session with the participants og the TIG and discuss what’s at stake.
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Publication date2019
Publication statusPublished - 2019
EventEuropean Teacher Education Network: TIG TEACHING AND LEARNING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Katalonien, VIC, Spain
Duration: 25 Apr 201927 Apr 2019


ConferenceEuropean Teacher Education Network
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