Playing with Sequential Learning and and Inquiry Processes by Bringing “World of Warcraft“ to the Real World: Based on Reflective Practice-based Learning

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This thesis investigate and experiment with “Reflective Practice-based Learning (RPL)”, which is a new learning approach at University College ’of Northern Denmark (UCN), through the use of Game-Based Learning. Within the pragmatic paradigm, this PhD project developed knowledge through the use of Educational Design Research. It used a mixed-method approach to data collection and abductive reasoning to investigate how a perspective of Game-Based Learning inspires the development of a new teaching and pedagogical concept with the aim of strengthening practice professionalism through sequential learning and inquiry processes in a higher education learning environment. Through a theoretical understanding of World of Warcraft, the PhD project thus examines how a designed learning game affects the pedagogical concepts of motivation and autonomy, analysis and exploration, and reflective practice through the use of game principles.

The domain of Practice Theory will inspire the theoretical perspective through an understanding and interpretation of learning as “landscapes of practice” consisting of designed complex and personal learning trajectories
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationAalborg
PublisherAalborg Universitetsforlag
Number of pages371
ISBN (Electronic)978-87-7210-624-3
Publication statusPublished - 22 Jun 2020


  • learning, educational science and teaching
  • research designs, theory and method
  • education, professions and jobs

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