Radiographers use of social media - SoMe in a Nordic perspective

Malene Roland V. Pedersen, Helle Precht, J. Jensen, Bo Redder Mussmann, A. J. Abdi, Pernille Lund Hansen, Susanne Holm, Svea Deppe Mørup, Karen Brage

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review


Social media (SoMe) is widely used as a communication platform in everyday life. Also, healthcare professionals have embraced SoMe as a communication tool for both peers and patients. It is becoming an interactive tool for discussing professionals' issues and a place where learning and education occur. This study explores the specific patterns of SoMe use for radiographers’ in the Nordic countries. The aim of this survey was to investigate radiographers use of social platforms in a professional setting.

A 29-item survey was prepared, and pilot-tested. The survey was produced in Danish a language that all Nordic countries master. In general, most Nordic languages are very similar. The survey was distributed by online platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter/X, and also distributed by newsletters by the Norwegian and Danish national radiographers societies. All data was collected anonymously. An Ethical Research approval was obtained from the University of Southern Denmark.

A total of 242 respondents completed the survey (Denmark n = 183, Norway n = 48, Sweden n = 8, and n = 3 from other Scandinavian countries). The respondents included 186 females, 52 males and four were undisclosed. On average, the respondents spent approximately 2 h and 23 min daily on SoMe, with 27 min specifically dedicated to content relevant to radiographers. Facebook was the preferred platform with 93 % (n = 226). A total of 5.4 % (n = 13) respondents had experienced contact from patients and/or next of kin, while 92 % (n = 222) reported no such interactions and 2.9 % (n = 7) were undisclosed. A total of 52.8 % (n = 128) used SoMe in relation to courses, conferences, or online meetings. This shows that time spent on content relevant to radiographers imply that SoMe can be a relevant tool for reaching radiographers.

The survey demonstrates radiographers’ use of SoMe for personal and professional interest, with Facebook as the preferred social media platform. SoMe were mostly used during courses, conferences, or online meetings with half of the respondent reported using SoMe platforms during working hours. These results underscore the untapped potential of SoMe in professional healthcare settings. Additionally, the study offers insight into current practices, facilitating comparisons to identify trends in SoMe usage within the radiographer community.

Implications for practice
The findings advocate for the strategic use of SoMe by radiographers', emphasizing professional networking and knowledge sharing. However, clear guidelines are necessary to ensure patient confidentiality and data security in these digital interactions.
Original languageEnglish
Issue number2
Pages (from-to)651-658
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2024


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