RESPONSIBALL Ranking 2019: The Ninth Annual Social Responsibility Ranking of International Football Leagues

Kenneth Holm Cortsen, M. Salvemini, L. Brom, T. Ajanovic, A. Arteaga, L. Borislòva, J.M. Ferrer, C. Joss, S. Jung, N. Lunkina, J. Milgate, A. Noguchi, I. Petrogiannis, R. Pitta, M. Rastogi, B. Schreurs, M. Zanin

Research output: Book/Report/clinical guidelinesReportResearch


In its ninth year, RESPONSIBALL’s annual ranking and report brought together research and analyses of 24 of the most well-knowninternational football leagues in the men’selite game. The research conducted focuses onthe work and activities completed during the2018/19 season.Consistent with the eight previous editions,the report again focuses on three key topics:Governance, Community and Environment.By examining these three topics, the rankingresearchers and author, as well as readers ofthe report, may acquire a more comprehensiveunderstanding of the social responsibility andsustainability activities and structures withineach league.Though often among the top five, this season,Sweden’s Allsvenskan had the highestoverall score, earning the first position inthe RESPONSIBALL Ranking. In addition, theAllsvenskan ranked highest in Governance.The Japanese J-League moved up the ranks,scoring in the top five clubs overall andjoining familiar ranking fixtures England,the United States and Canada, and Denmark.Denmark’s efforts in the community earned itthe highest place in that category, and MajorLeague Soccer again led the way with itscommitment to environmental action.New leagues were added to this year’s researchfrom Korea, Russia, Mexico, Serbia and Bosniaand Herzegovina. The addition of these newleagues adds to a broader international view.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherResponsiball - Schwery Consulting
Publication statusPublished - 24 Oct 2019


  • business community, trade and economy

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