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The title of my thesis is “School Readiness – a preschool perspective”, and it refers to preschool teachers’ view on school readiness and how it is implemented, in practice, at kindergarten.
The aim of my study is to find out how preschool teachers think, and work, with school readiness within the “school group” of the kindergarten. Do the preschool teachers work independently and autonomous, with reference to their own view on school readiness, or do they succumb to a preschool curriculum with standardized methods and ways of learning?
During the last 15 years there has been a change in the view of early childhood education and care, and a rising focus on learning in the pre-school in Denmark, especially from politicians and policymakers. The kindergarten, as an institution, has moved from being primarily a care institution to an integrated part of the educational system with focus on life-long-learning.
The methods I have used are qualitative interviews with six pre-school teachers and observations/field studies of their practice in three kindergartens in the Århus area. The subsequent analysis forms the basis of the foundation for the theory, discussion and conclusion of this thesis. The theoretical basis of the study is Gert BIestas terms of qualification, socialization and subjectification, which are seen as premises for ‘good education’. John Dewey is also presented, as he arguments for education as a necessity for modern society. His terms of formal education and unformal education are also included. To this, special pre-school researcher and professor Stig Broström, is included in order to give a learning perspective to the material under study.
In short, the thesis shows, that the pre-school teachers have a Bildung oriented approach in their views on school readiness, which includes competencies of an inner character, such as self-esteem, inner strength, ethics and self-efficacy, as well as social competencies such as will for participation, insight and understanding of other people differences, feelings and ways of action.

Another important perspective of school readiness has a more ‘basic’ character, which includes children’s maturity and independence in areas such as toilet and clothing, and the ability to be able to sit still and receive collective messages.
To this, the thesis also shows, that the pre-school teachers are working with a pre-school curriculum in the form of “den pædagogiske læreplan”. This curriculum supports an openness which allows the pre-school teachers a form of autonomy in which they can implement their school-readiness view in practice. On the other hand, the pre-school teachers feel that the school demands and expectations to the children’s cognitive competencies when starting school have escalated, which necessitates that practice, in the kindergarten, also includes this perspective.
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  • Jensen, Anders Skriver, Supervisor
Publication statusPublished - 2016
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