Subjectification in the education of pedagogues : the knowledgeing work-shop

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Education that is defined by learning-outcomes that can be measured is at risk for focusing on processes of qualification and socialisation and neglecting processes of subjectification. That is also the case in the education of pedagogues. As subjectification is an essential part of the pedagogical work the education prepares for, it is quite inadequate that this dimension is neglected in the education. In order to be able tow ork professional with other peoples subjectification in pedagogical work, the professionals also need more then knowledge and skills: they have to be able to mediate between theory and practice. That implies a personal responsibility and the ability to engage in ethical relationships.
In my research I focus on three aspects:
- A reading of the evaluations, reactions on those evaluations and steering-documents that are elaborated in relation to this education in the period 2001-2014 in order to reconstruct how the question of subjectification is (not) dealt with
- A theoretical/philosophical questioning of the concept of subjectification as a (the?) core concept of pedagogy. As the (Kantian) concept of rational autonomy has lost its validity, we need another understanding. I will engage with Gert Biesta contributions to this debate and make enquiries in Foucault’s and Charles Taylor’s understandings. By doing that I will also redefine pedagogy as a human science.
- A practical intervention in accordance with the idea of pedagogy as a human science that goes beyond objectivism and relativism: a knowledgeing work-shop / researching lived experience with students. We work with narratives . The intervention is interpreted in relation to the question of subjectification and the transformative learning that is a part of it.
Translated title of the contributionSubjektivering i pædagoguddannelsen: kundskabsværkstedet
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2014
Number of pages17
Publication statusPublished - 2014
EventNFPF/NERA: NERA - Nordic Educationnal Research Association - Lillehammer, Lillehammer, Norway
Duration: 4 Mar 20147 Mar 2014



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