The earlier the better? When career learning starts in basic school

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This presentation is based on a research project exploring carrier learning measures in Danish schools. Appr. 20 per cent of the young generation do not acquire a youth education, (neither upper secondary nor vocational degrees), which is in Denmark drawing near to a prerequisite to get access to an increasingly specialized workforce. This share has remained the same for decades, in spite of numerous initiatives. On this background recent reforms of “Folkeskolen”, (primary and lower secondary school) and of the counseling effort have extended tasks and responsibilities of schools and common teachers in the process of preparing pupils to education and work.
One of recent measures is an “education-readiness-evaluation” of all 8th and 9th graders. Another recent invention is the tying up of individual pupils plans to the final education plan, thus making it possible to draw on behavior and performance from all school years when outlining a career path of each pupil. In addition, a subject named “Education and job” are to be taught from preschool till 9th grade, spanning three fields of competencies “Personal choice”, “From education to job” and “Worklife”, where “personal choice” has been given more weight in the latest regulation of the subject.
On the basis of a reading of policy documents, analysis of the exchange over carrier learning in the trade journal for teacher and analysis of the teacher interviews from 5 schools the project tentatively pictures the condition for becoming ready to education and for the professional work with that issue.
We ask, in a Bourdieu fashion, how do early carrier learning and evaluation of readiness structure opportunities for various pupils? Are differences and inequality reproduced, or are new patterns of in- and exclusion evolving? How do the career learning tasks fit into the professional habitus of the teacher and how are the ground for cooperation between teachers and guidance counsellors in the new division of labour between them?
On this background the presentation will contribute to the identification of current challenges and opportunities in a changing landscape of schooling and counseling.
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Publication date5 Oct 2017
Publication statusPublished - 5 Oct 2017
EventDecent Work, Equity and Inclusion: Paswords for the present and the future. - University of Padova, Padova, Italy
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ConferenceDecent Work, Equity and Inclusion: Paswords for the present and the future.
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