The External Collaboration Model: Introduction to the External Collaboration Model

Lisbeth Jensen, Stine Holm (Translator)

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    ECOLABNET: Network of Service Providers for Eco-innovations in Manufacturing SMEs

    Nielsen, T. M. (Principle researcher), Jensen, L. (Principle researcher), Biltoft, H. (Co-researcher), Pedersen, P. W. (Co-researcher), Holm, S. (Co-researcher), Lammi, M. (Principle researcher), Ostrauskaite, J. (Co-researcher), Majchrzak-Kuceba, I. (Co-researcher), Malinauskas, M. (Co-researcher), Aabloo, A. (Co-researcher), Rainosalo, E. (Co-researcher), Claridge, N. (Co-researcher), Cepas, D. (Co-researcher), Talacka, V. (Co-researcher), Vunder, V. (Co-researcher), Clausen, R. T. J. (Principle researcher), Jensen, L. (Co-researcher), Hoberg, L. K. (Co-researcher), Knudsen, P. T. (Co-researcher), Gerdsen, I. C. (Co-researcher), Nielsen, M. S. (Co-researcher) & Ibsen, K. M. (Co-researcher)


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